Tom Pletscher


Driving the melodies is keyboardist Tom Pletscher, a Minnesota native that has been involved with the Twin Cities jazz scene for over 30 years. He’s a recognized educator, and composer, and is a faculty member of the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, MN.

Joe Steinger


Drums, percussion, and other erstwhile rhythmic offerings are provided by Joe Steinger. He provides his percussive services to a number of local, well known area groups, (including Café Accordion Orchestra) and his liquid rhythmic style add a signature to every performance.

Terry Bailey


Terry Bailey lays down a solid foundation for the trio on bass. His easy style, acquired from many years of playing experience with numerous groups and venues, locks down the grooves. Whether the tune is a jazz standard, bossa, a blues tune or swing; pop, rock, Latin or other genre, it’s all done with verve and class.


Guest Artists


Greg_Keel (2)

Tim Lackus

Tim Lackus